Ion Group has experience on every side of a real estate transaction. We represent tenants looking for new space for their company operations, finding the right fit for their business needs and following it through to opening day and beyond. We represent owners looking for tenants to fill their spaces and help them to provide the amenities to draw in the new occupants. For those who want to sell, we pursue and negotiate with buyers. For those who want to buy, we research the market and cater to our buyer's parameters.



Real estate provides a great investment opportunity. Commercial properties can produce returns and create investment growth. Our group follows the market trends to provide ideal locations in rental properties, development and residential units. Whether you are an individual, partnership group or seek a 1031 exchange, Ion Group can assist in pursuing your acquisition.



Our team has a wealth of contacts for all events and incidents which can occur when managing a building. Communications, security, construction, repairs, energy efficiency, emergency services, deliveries and special needs are all topics we have encountered. Ion Group strives to keep the tenants and owners satisfied with their experience to create a lasting relationship.


Our Goal

The goal of Ion Group LLC is to meet and exceed your expectations in your real estate venture. Whether you are a renter, buyer, tenant or investor, you are the focus of our team.

Our experience has shown that the client is not always the top priority in a transaction. We will tackle each transaction with your needs as our priority.

Each client has specific ideas in mind. Our approach is to meet and learn more about you and what you are striving to do with your goals and match those with our experience and network. Good communication makes for a good relationship and the key to success!


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Put Ion Group's experience to work for you!

Our clients are our number one priority. Your success allows us to meet our goal. Let us help you meet yours.